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Our Professional Services Offered

A well-processed loan file can decrease the amount of time it usually takes to have an application approved.

At THE ORIGINAL MORTGAGE DOCTOR LLC™, that’s exactly what we do—we make sure that everything is

verified and all papers are in good order.

Our services are designed for the following types of loans:

Conventional QM and Non-QM Loan Types

The conventional mortgage loan application comes in many variations. Our team specializes in the following conventional

loan application types.  We have also found they are still most one of the most popular loan types.. 

  • Conforming 
  • Non-Conforming
  • Fixed ​
  • ARM
  • Jumbo
  • and More!

Mortgage Government Loan Types

Conforming, Non-Conforming, Fixed, Arms, Jumbo, and More

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    • Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
    • Fixed
    • Adjustable Rate Mortgage (Arm) Reverse Mortgage
    • Energy-Efficient Mortgage
    • Graduated Payment Mortgage
    • Growing Equity Mortgage
    • FHA Condominiums (Condo)

    • Veterans Administration (VA)
    • VA (No Down Payment)
    • VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance
    • VA Cash-Out Refinance
    • VA Condo
    • VA Automatic and LAPP
    • IRRRL 

*USDA Guaranteed  & Reverse Mortgage Processing​

We specialize in all USDA Mortgage applications, in addition to rural market USDA loans types

*Rural Housing Service - Single-Family Housing

Mutual Self-Help Housing Technical Assistance Grants

•Single Family Housing Direct Home Loans

•Single Family Housing Home Loan Guarantees

Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants.  

To provide additional services for elder borrowers, our team are also experts working with reverse mortgage products.

Conforming, Non-Conforming, Fixed, Arms, Jumbo, and More


We will receive the initial mortgage application in our custom loan packing system.

We will verify the following information:

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  • Credit
  • Employment
  • Assets
  • Housing Rental and Mortgage as Applicable
  • Preliminary Title
  • Homeowners Hazard Insurance and/or Master Insurance/Walls in Policy

Appraisal and Additional Review Process

  • The appraisal is the sole collateral the mortgage lender has, so it is imperative it supports the value of the loan.  For this reason, we understand the mortgage lenders need to scrutinize the appraisal.  Our underwriting services includes a complete checklist of the appraisal review. 
  • We will review all other applicable documentation based on loan type and borrower specific; (e.g. payoff, condo docs, tax returns, divorce/child support, and more).
  • We will prepare the loan for underwriting review again, based on loan type, loan guidelines, and/or AUS requirements.
  • After the initial underwriting review, expect that we will review and provide all applicable required Prior to Doc (PTD)/Prior to Purchase (PTP) conditions within our Service Loan Agreement (SLA).
  • You will be kept up to date of each phase of the loan application to ensure a successful and timely delivery.

Complete Mortgage Loan Operational Training

In addition to a commitment to superior loan processing; THE ORIGINAL MORTGAGE DOCTOR LLC™ is committed to establishing a training program that will develop a standard training program and principles which we intend will become industry standards. 

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  • Loan Officer Sales
  • Introduction to Loan Processing
  • Advanced Loan Processing

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  • Introduction to Basic Mortgage Underwriting
  • Advanced Mortgage Underwriting
  • Review and understanding The Loan Forms and more!

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  • Tax Returns Analysis
  • Document Review and Determination
  • Processing and Fraud Red Flags

Like What You See?

Let THE ORIGINAL MORTGAGE DOCTOR LLC™, your Mortgage Operational Provider (MOP™)

exceed your expectations with our talent, knowledge, professionalism and skill. 

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